Jak is an expert craft designer and tutor. Her design and work is extremely popular among keen crafters and she regularly appears and demonstrates on Create and Craft TV.

Jak appreciates the benefits of crafting under ‘quality’ light and recommends Daylight.  Here she gives advice on how to choose the best Daylight Lamp for you…


1. Make sure you have the right lamp for the job – Daylight lamps are designed specifically for the needs of artists, crafters and needleworkers so if you are a keen on patchwork and quilting the chances are you will be best suited to a completely different lamp than a papercrafter.  For example the N1180 Sewing Machine Lamp is an ideal accessory when undertaking a large quilting project to help ensure accuracy and avoid tired eyes. While the D25050 MAGnificent with its magnifier and 3 point height options - floorstanding, mid-height and table - it’s the perfect lamp for papercrafters and cross-stitchers.

2. Ask yourself if you need magnification, occasionally or all the time - Daylight offers a comprehensive range of magnifiers and lamps incorporating magnification. Magnification can be a godsend when working on very detailed projects or working with dark fabric or thread. The Ultimate Floor Lamp D21098 comes equipped with a magnifier, pattern chart holder and a storage tray. However if you don’t have a need for magnification, or indeed the additional accessories, then it is better to focus on ensuring you have the best light source for you be it a floor, desk or portable lamp.



3. Choosing between a table or floor lamp is straight forward – this will depend entirely on where you work. If you knit or cross-stitch in front of the TV then a floorstanding lamp designed to illuminate just where you are sat is ideal. Your choice of table lamp is likely to be dictated by whether or not you have a dedicated workspace. The Ultimate Table Top Lamp D21308 is an excellent choice if you craft in an area which needs to double up as living space. On the other hand if you have a dedicated workroom where space isn’t an issue then a large professional style table or desk lamp is best. My personal favourite it the Ultra Bright Slimline LED Table Lamp D35127

4. Are you always on the move? Daylight offers a super range of portable lamp options. If you tend to regularly go to craft groups or travel often, taking your work with you, then this could be the ideal solution. Portable lamps are great for moving around the home too.

5. Finally – you will need a lamp to suit your budget. With Daylight you can find the right lamp for you at a range of price points. Essentially all offer value for money, are robust and expertly designed. 

Jak Heath  


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