‘Daylight’s new YoYo LED lamp is perfect inside and out,’- said Jayne Netley Mayhew . Jayne Netley Mayhew, famous wildlife artist and embroidery designer, recently tried out the YoYo while sketching outside and Needle Felting in her home. ‘This is a ‘nifty’ little device’

Using the yo-yo out and about

As my eyes deteriorate with age, I find seeing the fine detail as I used to is becoming a problem. When I’m out looking at our flowers for reference, especially the ones that fade and droop the instant they are picked, being able to hand hold a magnifying glass as I sketch is more than useful. This one goes a step further and also has a light source built in, fabulous, any shadowing caused by me is eliminated. No worry about dropping it as the wristband keeps safely attached to my wrist. 

My indoor use

Needle felting, great fun to do, but as I work the small skeleton frame for my mice, I do need some help. Being able to just place this easily on a table or sat on my lap, lighting up the area I’m working on, just right. No stand to worry about, nothing to swing or manoeuvre into place when you need it. The Yo-yo is well balanced that it sits happily even when it was placed on my foam cushion.

About Jayne

Jayne Netley Mayhew is a famous wildlife artist and embroidery designer. Her work is extremely popular with eight cross stitch books to her name and a range of cross stitch kits produced by well known stitching companies and her work has caught the attention of crafts and crafting media across Europe.

Daylight is proud to have Jayne as one of its Ambassadors. Jayne says that Daylight lamps make her life as a stitcher much easier, particularly ones that can be accurately positioned to ensure the light is exactly where it’s needed.  Jayne is looking forward to road testing more of Daylights new products over the coming months.

YoYo Magnifier LED (item number DN1350)  RRP £15

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