Gravity Pull, Walk the Dog, Rock the Baby and Three Leaf Clover are all YoYo tricks but with Daylight’s YoYo there are ‘No Tricks’ – simply a nifty new LED lamp designed to help you see the smallest details – anytime any place. Practical and fun, this lamp folds down to a YoYo shape, neat and small enough to pop in your pocket. Featuring 3 bright LEDs and a 5,5 (2.17”) lens – Magnification 8D (3,0X) you will never want to be without it. Perfect for crafting, stitching and in fact any close work. Several of our crafting friends and experts are keen to test run our ‘YoYo’ for us and we will be posting their reviews here so please watch this space.

YoYo Magnifier LED (item number DN1350) RRP £15
( This product is available in Europe only )