Penny Graham-Jones, expert crafter, blogger and inspirational designer, shares a fun spring craft project with us. Firstly, Penny explains why she is a fan of Daylight™: “A lot of the time I struggle with lighting, not just for close or detailed work but especially for photography so I have been delighted to discover just what a difference a Daylight lamp can make.”

How to make Crochet Heart and Pompom Bunting©

Multi-coloured hearts interspaced with jolly pompoms makes this bunting perfect for celebrations, or to add a touch of individuality to a shelf unit or dresser. Looks great in the nursery too.

Crochet Heart
Row 1. Make loop of yarn and into this work 2ch to stand as 1st tr, then 10 tr and join with ss make a circle. Pull the end of the yarn to close the central space.

Row 2 4 tr into top of next tr, 3 dc into next 3tr. In next tr work 1 dc, 1 tr, then make picot at point of heart by working 2ch then ss into top of tr just worked, 1dc. Dc into next 3 tr, 4 tr into next tr, ss to complete round. Cut off yarn.

Row 3. (Join 2nd colour by pulling a loop through ss and then working the second row over the ends to enclose them.) 2 dc, 2 dc into next 2 st. dc to picot, 3 dc in picot, 5 dc then 2 dc into next 2 st 2 dc, join with ss. Cut off yarn and pull through.

Finishing Pull yarn through any stitch at the back and knot with the yarn from the starting loop pulling the heart into shape.

Make as many hearts as required. Using your chosen colour make a short chain, make 1 dc in top of heart 2ch 1dc in other side of heart, 4 ch 1 dc in next heart and repeat to end.


Cut a length of yarn about 6” long and make a slip knot in the middle. .
Take another length of yarn in the same colour and wind round three fingers 20 times and cut. Put the loops through the slip knot and pull it tight trapping the loops and tie another knot to hold it. Use the ends of the yarn as a handle and cut through the loops. Trim the ends into a neat pompom. Use the tails to stitch a pompom between each heart.

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