Q & A with Stephanie Staunton, Celebrity Manicurist. Stephanie is an Ambassador for Daylight ‘Because they create the best range of lamps for any hardworking nail tech’

After winning ‘Nail Idol 2011’ and being hailed as ‘number 1 under 25yrs Nail Tech’ in the country, Stephanie's career has taken off in a big way. High profile clients now include Helen Bonham Carter, Scarlett Johansson, Pixie Lott and Leona Lewis to name a few. Stephanie’s TV credits are just as impressive with nails appearing on The X factor, The Jonathan Ross Show and The Voice - plus on the big screen The Avengers 2, Jupiter Ascending and Alice Through the Looking Glass. Working in the media is also all in a days work for Stephanie, for example - British and Italian Vogue, Grazia, Men’s Health, GQ and The Times have all featured her work.

We talk to Stephanie about her career and why quality light is so important to her...

Why a nail technician ?

I've done nail art as a hobby since I was around 8yrs and the love for it just kind of grew. It was never my plan to be a nail girl, I originally wanted to move in to cardiothoracics. However as much as I love science, it's nails for me!  The hard work developing my nail career has all been worth it. I studied at Bexley college in South East London. I also volunteered at a salon in Kent and practiced everyday to pick it up correctly. Dedication, networking and passion gets you a long way. I always try to do refresher courses as the industry techniques are constantly changing.

What do you love most about your job?

I'd say it's a tie between the endless amounts of nail polish I get to use or the people I get to work with. Whether their famous or behind the scenes. They all love what they do and I love talking to them about it as they have so many interesting things to say.

What is the most popular nail design and finish among your celebrity clients at the moment? (Top trend for Summer 2015?)

Every year all year for me, white nails. It's such a cool look and probably one of my most requested. However this year I've been using a matte top-coat or an off white colour which is putting a more on trend twist to the plain white nail. I've also been using lots of metallic polishes too! MAC do incredible ones.

Where do you get nail design inspiration ?

Everywhere. The Internet, TV, shopping, shoes. The inspiration is endless and that's the beauty of creating something you love to do.

Why is quality light important to you when working ?

Eyes take a bit of beating in the nail game, along with posture. Using a daylight lamp helps me reduce headaches, tired eyes, focus more and speed up treatments.

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