1. daylight™ lighting significantly increases contrast and helps to make reading easier.



2. daylight™ lighting ensures you see colours accurately, anytime of the day or night which is essential for best colour matching.



3.daylight™ lighting enables you to see intricate details and finest designs with ease.




 4.daylight™ lamps are specifically designed for individual needs; reading, crafting, painting or industrial inspection work.




5. Some daylight™ products have been developed in conjunction with Royal National Institute of Blind People.
For further information and support about sight loss visit the RNIB website




 6.daylight™ full spectrum light technology is kind to your eyes, reducing glare, which helps reduce eye strain, headaches and red-eye.



7. daylight™ bulbs / tubes are environmentally friendly as they use 80% less energy and last 10x longer, reducing your electricity bill and doing your bit for the planet.



8. daylight™ bulb/tubes are low heat technology for ultimate comfort and safety, even if you touch the shade or tube of this lamp by accident, you will be safe.


9. daylight™ lamps have been designed to combine form with practical function