I have a few Daylight lamps, each for different jobs and each in constant use.  The Ultra Bright Slimline LED Table Lamp is my newest addition, and what a brilliant addition it is.  When they say slim, they mean slim.  It’s sleek and trendy whilst being unobtrusive and doing the job it was designed to do.  The lights are indeed ultra bright without being blinding (because – oh joy – the head of the lamp can be angled and twisted, heightened and lowered and swivelled  to suit my exact needs).  How classy does that look … sigh ♥

Another huge plus is that the lamp is dimmable with a light touch to the switch.  And it’s energy saving too, bonus! 



In the second photo you can see it lowered for real close up work.  I love that this lamp is so flexible.




And the third photo taken from lower down so you can see that although this lamp is really bright, because of the position and flexibility of the head the light is not blinding and is perfectly angled to light up the exact position I need it to.





This truly is an all singing, all dancing lamp.  Just when you think Daylight lamps can’t get any better …. They do!

Bev Rochester


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