When card making and crafting, incorrect lighting can affect you and your work in a number of ways.  Using a Daylight lamp can help with your crafts and ensure great results.

Eye Strain

It’s easy to get really involved in a craft project and carry on working, not realising that the room you are in has actually got dimmer as natural light is fading.  Just a slight change in lighting can lead to you straining your eyes and often result in headaches.  You may feel the room is well lit but compared to daylight your eyes are working much harder in the evening.

Colour Matching

It’s vital that the colours of our products are consistent for our customers, it’s one of the things we pride ourselves on at Papermilldirect and something that you will notice is not consistent in lower quality card.  Colours look totally different depending on the light and we have experts and specialist equipment to ensure that our colours are always consistent for our customers, it’s actually harder than you’d think when making such large quantities.

When choosing your own colour palettes, ensure that you check how they look in natural light as you’ll be surprised how the hue can change dramatically under tungsten lighting (ordinary household bulbs).  The ink that you thought was a perfect match for a card may look totally out of place when viewed in daylight. 



Unnecessary Mistakes

Poor lighting will inevitably lead to silly mistakes in your craft projects, whether it’s because you get tired more quickly or simply that you miss little flaws that would be easy to spot in daylight. Tiredness can also have an effect on your mood and will sap your creativity.

We asked our design team to let us know how important they think working in the right light is.

“The right lighting is so important in cardmaking, there is nothing worse than trying to create in bad light, the colours are not true and the details are not clear-it is not until you view your creation in natural light that you can see the flaws!” - Nessa Stokes

I always use lamps when I craft because working in a dimly lit craft room when I'm doing something fiddly or colouring can strain my eyes after a while. On grey days, or for people who don't have big windows to take their crafty photos in front of, the colour cast from the bulbs is more natural than the usual light bulbs and makes the pics look better. - Lisa Sumpter

Not being able to craft in the evening certainly cuts down my crafting time, especially during Winter months. The light Summer evenings are perfect for extra crafting time, but my eyes can't take the strain of working in ordinary electric light, unfortunately. - Barbara Daines


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