Hello! I'm Jessie Fincham. I'm a quilter and I sew everyday, yep, everyday! I run an online quilt shop selling fabrics and templates and supplies for English Paper Piecing. I also publish quilting patterns and sewing projects for books and magazines. A lot of my time is spent at my sewing desk. So I really couldn't be more thrilled to now be a proud owner of a Daylight lamp! 

The Naturalight Task Lamp XL really is the Rolls Royce of the collection, with a 22" wide shade head it dominates over my sewing desk, which I love - go big or go home I say ;-) So for someone like me that sews all the time, and most often in the evenings and into the wee hours this is just the ticket. Having natural light is 'sew' important! Sewing in general, whether by machine or hand, can cause a great deal of eye strain so you really want to equip your area with the best lighting you can afford - it is our health after all? This will not only reduce eye strain over time but will also allow us to sew for longer intervals! Win, win! 


It has a huge lightable area, which covers my main desk space where I do a lot of my cutting and piecing. When I first hooked it up a couple of weeks ago I really couldn't believe the difference it made! Having used an inexpensive clamp lamp previous to this, the LED  brightness, which mimics natural daylight really blew me away, it doesn't have that awful yellow tinge like regular lights so I could really see the true fabric colour's. It's dimmable too, so I can just tap the buttons on the top of the shade to make it brighter or dimmer according to the weather and your needs. It sits quite high on my desk so I have a good even spread of light over the desk area, but can also be easily adjusted vertically, horizontally or laterally for more up-close work. 

On the other side of my desk I have the Sewing Machine Lamp, and oh what a joy it is. This little lamp plugs into the main power and sticks onto your sewing machine using a sticky pad (much like those Scotch Mounting Pads from office/DIY shops). The lamp can then be slotted into place on the mount pad. The great thing about this is it's removable! It comes with two sticky pads, so you can have another one fixed somewhere else and move the lamp wherever you need; just slotting it into place. Easy. It features a flexible metal arm, which allows you to bend the lamp exactly where you need the most light. It's a good length too, so you've got enough room to manoeuvre. It uses the same LED Naturalight as the XL Task lamp, but in a focussed area, which is ideal for use with a sewing machine. 



The fact that all Daylight lamps use energy saving bulbs and tubes and yet are still super bright is amazing! Can you tell I love them? I do.

Jessie Fincham


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